Symetra | September 2022

Symetra has made enhancements to Symetra SwiftTerm that are available now.

  1. Lower pricing | For coverage amounts $500,000 and above, SwiftTerm is a leader for low premium across the board (PDF)—especially in their sweet spot ages of 25 to 55 years old in non-nicotine rate classes.1
  2. Policy size increase to $3 million | They have increased their maximum policy size from $2 million to $3 million (PDF) to accommodate more of your customers’ growing coverage needs.
  3. Coverage in as little as 18 minutes | Qualified clients can now get term coverage in as little as 18 minutes (PDF).2 That’s not just an instant decision we’re providing, but an actual policy on the spot.

New pricing transition rules:

  • All new and pending applications will automatically receive the lowest rates available.
  • Policies issued prior to Sept. 8 will keep the older rates.