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Referral Program

Earn $5000 per Advisor!

There’s no easier way to put cash in your pocket than with First American’s Referral Program!

How It Works

Refer a new advisor* to First American and receive a reward based on premiums collected from the new advisor’s first year

How Much Do You Get?

A bonus is paid based on premiums collected for the new advisor’s first year, beginning with their first submitted case.

Referral Program

* A new advisor is someone who hasn’t submitted a formal application with First American in the past 24 months. Only one referral bonus can be paid per new advisor.
** The referring advisor will be paid a bonus each time a target has been met, up to the end of the fi rst 12 months beginning when the new advisor submits their first case with First American.
*** Annuities are credited at 5% towards the paid premium total.