The goal of financial security amid uncertainty drives annuity sales. Whether a client makes a one-time payment or series of payments, the insurance company agrees to make regular payments starting immediately or at some future date. Because annuities are flexible, they can serve a wide range of consumers, from those building their career to those near retirement and retirees.

Types of Annuities we offer:

  • Deferred
  • Fixed
    (Traditional & Indexed)
  • Immediate Income

First American’s in-house wholesaler can provide creative annuity options you will be pleased to take to your clients.

Did You Know?

  • That Indexed Annuities can provide significantly higher guaranteed income than a Variable Annuity?

  • That CD’s go thru probate and that annuities pass right to the beneficiaries?

  • That there are Annuity products that also offer Long-Term Care benefits?

  • That income Annuities can significantly reduce the chance that clients will run out of money in retirement?

  • That there are Fixed Annuities that offer lifetime income riders, just like the ones found on Variable and Indexed Annuities?

  • That Lincoln’s popular i4Life program is now available on their Indexed Annuities?

  • That interest income from Annuities is not only tax deferred, but it is not included in the calculations for Social Security crossover taxation, preserving the value of Social Security benefits? These are two major differences between Fixed Annuities and CDs.