When They Make a Promise, They Keep It

Adviser Larrie Hurst of Fort Mill, SC, and formerly Hingham MA, wrote his first case with First American in 2005. “They hire fantastic people who know what it means to consistently deliver the highest level of service,” he says. “When they make a promise, they keep it.”

Since he had cases pending when the COVID-19 crisis struck, he wondered what might happen. “Even though most of the personnel were working from their homes, nothing changed,” Larrie reports. “You would never know that we were in the midst of a pandemic as the high level of service was the same.”

When asked to rate First American’s long-term performance on responsiveness, underwriting expertise, quality of work, and ease of doing business, he instantly replied, “They get a 10 out of 10 on all of them, but they really deserve at least an 11, 12, or 13!”

As for First American’s product line, Larrie Hurst states, “They are licensed with all of the competitive companies in the brokerage lines of insurance that they represent and offer to their brokerage agents.”

What would he say to an adviser who asked about First American? Larrie summarized it this way, “Honesty, competitiveness, and ease of doing business. Whether a case earns a $200.00 commission, or $20,000.00, they give the same high level of service.”

Larrie Hurst