Stage is Set for Strong Rebound in Senior Market Life Sales

Life underwriters are seeing light at the end of COVID tunnel which means they are further lifting restrictions on issue ages, opening up the all-important senior market segment. Coupled with the lowest rates we’ve seen in a long time and peak interest in life insurance due to the pandemic, the stage has been set for a strong year in life insurance sales.

Though health conditions due to the Omicron variant of COVID continue to evolve, an increasing number of carriers are moving on from the restrictive guidelines that have been in place for nearly two years. While some carriers continue to keep a chokehold on older issue ages, many have opened underwriting to ages up to 80 but with some additional conditions, such as proof of vaccination, limited auto binding, and lower maximum coverage limits. The bottom line is for your elderly clients in relatively good health, there are life insurance solutions to be found.


A Rare Window of Opportunity

The timing couldn’t be better as seniors, largely ignored over the past two years, are motivated to get their estates in order and shore up their legacy needs. Life insurers are motivated as well, seeking to make 2022 a strong rebound year. As the year progresses and carriers continue to loosen their requirements, we expect more solutions to become available, expanding your opportunities in the senior market.

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-By Allan Gersten, Founder