“Lazy” money- Let’s get it up and moving!

Many of your clients have “lazy money’ sitting in old non-qualified annuities.  They probably bought them years ago when the nice bank teller told them about tax deferred growth etc. for their CD’s.  Not to be rude, but that money is just plain LAZY.  It’s never going to give back more than what’s in it.  And Uncle Sam will get his cut first on any growth!!

So, let’s get that lazy money working for the purpose it more than likely is earmarked for in the first place: “Extended/LTC Care.” It’s the first place your clients will go if they need care to grab cash.  But why should they only get dollar for dollar out and have to pay taxes as well?

We have the blessing of the Federal Government under The Pension Protection Act to 1035 that old lazy annuity to a Olympic caliber LTC Annuity.  Clients can get leverage and tax-free withdrawals for extended/LTC use.

Got some “lazy money” annuities in your book of business?  Call Ed Stone, Annuity Specialist, and let him walk you through the process.

By Ed Stone, Case Design, Annuity, DI & LTC Specialist