In-House Underwriting Solution: Making Heroes

“Nothing happens in business until somebody makes a sale!” You, the advisor is that somebody – client advocate, solution provider, and a hero to their clients.’ At First American Underwriters (FAIU), we want to be your first and single point-of-contact.  The perfect choice and expert in understanding the unique features and nuances of each of your cases. Our in-house team will find you viable practical solutions. FAIU has access to the best products, industry-leading in-house underwriting, and specialized case management solutions to assist you. We know, every hero needs a strong supporting cast to enable their success especially in the most difficult circumstances. Let us be your helper, ally, sidekick, and trusted guide.

When an advisor presents a case, we explore all available options by pre-underwriting in-house. This includes a review of previous similar cases, a broad market survey through our unique quick quote process, outreach to carrier contacts, engagement with healthcare providers, or submission of a trial application. Once we identify the top carrier(s) willing to compete for your business, we facilitate the case design, presentation, underwriting review, and decision, all while advocating on your client’s behalf. We will help you close the deal by securing the best possible offer for your client.  Be confident in knowing FAIU underwriting, case design, and new business management solutions will help position you as a hero to your client and someone they can depend on.

By Sharon MurrayUnderwriting Specialist