Advisors get more than they ask for from First American. What if a life insurance plan did more than a client expects and did it for a lower cost? What if a policy becomes a plan for the living, as well as for a legacy? What if it could adjust to changing life situations? Would this capture a client’s attention and give you a competitive edge?

Today’s life insurance products are dynamic and flexible. In the hands of our internal sales team, they’re personalized to meet the exacting needs and expectations of your clients. Some planning may include:

  • Personal Planning 
  • Retirement Planning
  • Life Insurance & Retirement Income

Did You Know?

  • That First-to-Die Whole Life is back on the market offering a significant discount over the cost of two individual Whole Life policies?

  • That healthy clients up to age 60 can get $1 Million of life insurance at Preferred rates or better with no exam, labs, ekg or medical records?

  • That a family history of heart disease death of a parent prior to age 60 does not revent an applicant from getting a Preferred rating for life insurance?

  • That there is a life company that offers a Return of Premium Option to Non-Smokers that can be up to 100% of the face amount and they will notify the policyholder prior to the 90 day window opening? Other companies cap the ROP benefit as a percentage of the benefit.

  • That the average person who buys life insurance purchases 7 policies in a lifetime from as many as 6 different advisors?

  • That there are UL policies that offer a Guaranteed Refund Option at three different times in which the owner has the option to surrender the policy and receive either half or all of their premiums back?

  • That there is a life carrier that doesn’t underwrite their Child Term Insurance Rider making it possible for families with children with some health issues to get life insurance?

  • That you can spread out the death benefit paid to beneficiaries over a period of time to reduce the cost of a life insurance policy by using an income protection option?