Two Heads Are Better Than One: Let Us Help You

In a matter of months, the life insurance industry took an amazing leap forward by making buying and selling life insurance far more user-friendly with technological and data-augmented advances. Although the drive started years ago, COVID-19 gave it the impetus to get the job done now. And the industry did just that.

As technology continues to evolve, you, the carriers, and the wholesalers are even better prepared to respond faster and with greater efficiently in meeting consumers’ ever-increasing expectations.

While all of this adds enormous value to the process of marketing life insurance products, there’s another equally pressing question: What should you be doing now–right now–to better serve your clients and generate new business at the same time?

Specifically, what you can be doing to attract clients’ attention so they will be open to having a conversation? You know what’s going on with clients, so focus on their individual concerns, such as uncertainty about the future, their family’s financial security, the stability of their business, or wondering if they are positioned for the unknown.

With a specific idea in mind, let clients know that the purpose of having a conversation is to discuss a concept that focuses on that particular issue and will be of interest to them.

Why is a concept important? It helps get clients thinking and talking, lets them picture the possibilities, and then embrace the solution.

Here’s what to do:

  • Identify a client and tell us about their issue of concern.
  • We will prepare a concept that fits the need and then go over it with you so you are prepared for the conversation with your client.
  • If appropriate, one of our sales people can accompany you on either a virtual or in-person client conversation.

If the possibility of “Concept Conversations with Clients” appeals to you, First American is ready to help you make it successful.

— by Ken Shapiro, President