A key differentiator for any advisor is the post-issue service they deliver to their clients. This is what separates advisors with deep client relationships from those that are transaction-based.

Having a well-defined service offering allows you to continue to demonstrate value, ensures long-term and profitable client relationships, as well as giving you the ability to generate good quality referrals. The review of inforce policies should be a key element of the post-issue service offering. 

The importance of growing one’s book of business is ever-present, but networking and prospecting can be hard for some in the current pandemic environment. Why not use this time to implement your post-issue service plan, including policy reviews? Your client’s needs change and there is a continuous change in product pricing and offerings. As a result, the importance of policy reviews increases over time. 

Most advisors shy away from the policy review task as it is onerous and often difficult to complete. To avoid this problem, it’s essential to have a system in place for triggering reviews. Once a review is scheduled, the time-consuming tasks then begin. The carrier needs to be contacted and up-to-date information requested. 

Follow-up is often required and then when the data is received, it needs to be captured in a system. All this takes time. This is where First American Insurance Underwriters is ready to assist you. Let us do this for you. We have people, systems, and a well-defined process in place to help make this happen – all at no cost to you. 

Armed with our well-structured policy market review, you will be able to conduct policy reviews, add value to your clients, potentially acquire new business, and have the opportunity to generate referrals. 

Please reach out to your FAIU contact or to our Internal Sales Team to find out how we can help you and your clients now.

by Peter Kaplan, Vice President of Sales